The 2015 Statewide Gathering

Thanks to all those that attended this years statewide gathering. As materials come in, they will be posted here as an archive of the gathering.

Topics approved by the Federation Executive Board:

  • 1: Our mission: effective political advocacy
  •  a. New approach to NARFE advocacy
  •  b. Pending Federal legislation
  •  c. Why NARFE has a PAC and how it works
  • 2: Headquarters strategic planning process
  •  a. Multi-stage process
  •  b. How we can participate
  •  c. What we can expect at the 2016 National Convention
  • 3: Membership plans and tactics
  •  a. How we can best use Federal health fairs
  •  b. Most effective message for current Federal workers
  •  c. Advance planning for Federal health fairs
  •  d. follow-up with Human Resources Officers
  • 4: Communication issues within and between Chapters
  •  a. How to improve communications within a Chapter
  •  b. How to improve communications between Chapters
  •  c. Multi-chapter collaboration for political advocacy
  •  d. Group discussion of concerns of attendees
  • You can download a hard copy of these topics here.